7 ways to stop feeling old as you grow older



I think we all suffer from this condition of thinking we’re getting too old for every birthday that passes.

We dread every birthday that comes because we’re going up a digit. We start to feel old, or rather, we tell ourselves we’re getting old.

Yet, it’s usually┬ánot as bad as it feels when the day comes.

I’m turning fucking 30 in about four months, and frankly, I don’t feel a thing. Well, maybe a little pinch, but nothing so soul-destroying that I think my life sucks.

It’s just how you see it. It’s all about perspective and surroundings. If you lighten up, start reading more, see the world what for it is and surround yourself with proper, good friends, you’ll never feel old.

1) Know your life’s WHY very well and hold on to it

My personal WHY in life is that I believe in doing what I want in every way possible in order to be happy. I’ll fight for it and I’ll go all out for it. This was triggered by my dad’s death when I was 20.

The feeling I felt on that fateful day is and always will be a reminder of everything I do today. It perfectly trumps the idea of age and the number attached to it dictating my life.

I construct my lifestyle around my passions of Bboying and writing and simply flow with it as I hold on to them tightly. It’s easy because I love it so much.

I feel it deep within myself all the time and not allow any other ideas from other people or society to sneak in. This is why I don’t feel the urgency, much less give a shit about wanting to get married quickly and start a family (because supposedly, 30 is the ripe age to do that.) And frankly, the thought of being a boring, married couple who roams the same old, boring mall every Sunday turns me off.

Bullshit. What others think or say, especially when it’s the same old, tired shit is nothing but a pattern they allowed themselves to take in because they do not dare to do what they want.

Find your WHY. Hold on to it. Allow it to flow into your everyday life and shut out what others are trying to tell you. See how detailed I am above. Look deep within and start being honest with yourself.

Age is definitely just a number, and it is your number. Do whatever the fuck you want with it.

2) Surround yourself with like-minded people

If you’re constantly sticking to friends who are doing “old” things, like getting married and only talking about saving money, then you’re going to feel old. It’s common sense.

If however, you stick to people who actually give a shit about who you are and the things you do, then you won’t feel old. In fact, you’ll feel inspired.

And inspiration is a feeling derived from hope itself that makes you feel high like the sky.

How do you want to feel then? Old or inspired? It’s your choice to whether you want to stick to the people who can lift you up or not.

Notice I said feel inspired, not young. Most people think that they in order to stop feeling old, they just have to start acting immature. This is how mid-life, quarter-life or whatever-life crisis and all its impulsiveness come about.

The people I look up to today are doing what they want. I know a bunch of dudes who are in their thirties and are still dancing their hearts out, writing great stories or chilling out without judging each other.

3) Remember that shit happens and life throws you a bunch of curve balls all the time

I found out recently one of my friends just got a divorce. He’s 35. There goes your fairy tale.

I know a bunch of people who are unhappily married because one, if not both of them are fucking around.

I know of entrepreneurs who have lost it all.

So a couple of things: When you encounter things like that, you’re going to realize you’re not doing so bad yourself after all. All your delusions of feeling old because of a mere number will be thrown out the window because they’re all nothing but delusions.

Now, for whatever notions you have about feeling old and what you need to do or have to stop feeling old, you’re going to have to grow the fuck up and realize that things will go wrong anyway.

Try all you like to stop feeling old. If it has nothing to do with your personal WHY, you’re chasing the wrong things altogether. Small wonder then, if you feel tired and old.

4) Exercise and eat right

If you physically feel old, then it has nothing to do with your age.

It means you’re a tired, fat piece of shit who is not taking care of his own health. You’re also constantly making up excuses like work, lack of time or that the rain today made your socks wet or whatever.

Think that excuses are easy to come up with? It sure is. But the fallout of regret is what makes you feel shitty and old.

Bullshit. Good health can be easily attained today and with that, there’s enough bodily energy to go around.

Stop making excuses. Your health is important. Stop eating so much convenient bullshit from your workplace. Eat fruits. Start working out and sweat out your old juice.

As a bonus, you’ll probably start looking a lot younger. You don’t have to cringe at what you see in the mirror. Look young and feel young yo.

5) Travel and start absorbing different cultures

This, I would say is a life hack to not feeling old.

Travel to another country. It can be a safe place even. Make some local friends. Because you’re a foreigner, they’d be more than glad to show you around and take care of you. No, the world is not a terrible place out to get you. I can almost guarantee they’d put you on a pedestal, that is, if you’re not an asshole in the first place.

This hospitality aside, the intricacy of absorbing culture and learning others’ way of life would be an eye-opener. It would make you think as you realize who you are and where you’re from do not have to constitute your entire world.

I’ve practiced and danced with one of my favourite Bboys in Thailand last year. He’s older than me. When I asked what he was doing for a living, he casually revealed that his family was supporting him. He didn’t have a full-time job.

Nobody judges him. Nobody gives a shit.

If my mom today were to support me and my lifestyle, I’d be branded as a good-for-nothing who is leeching off his poor mother here.

Recently, I went to Korea. I learnt how that as a sign of respect, a younger dude faces away while drinking his drink in front of an older dude.

It’s little gestures like these I think make you realize there’s simply so much to learn in this world.

This is why you need to travel and start meeting different people. You’ll automatically stop dwelling in your own paranoid delusions.

By the way, this is an extension of the previous point of sticking with like-minded people. If the people around you are making you feel old, then fucking get out and stop talking to these losers.

6) Get uncomfortable as hell

Quit your shitty job.

Finish reading that book. Finish writing that novel.

Share your art with your friends online or offline and put yourself in a position to be judged.

Travel alone for once.

Stop procrastinating and get off your lazy ass to do all the work that needs to be done, all the time.

The idea here is to that as long as you’re feeling uncomfortable, you’ve zero time to feel old.

And after you wade through the discomfort, the sense of accomplishment will take over your body. You will not give a hoot about your age, much less feel a thing about it because, what better feeling is there than knowing that you’ve actually done something with your life?

7) Stop complaining

Enough talk. No more complaining or whining. Move forward already.

Unnecessary words are just going to make you feel that much older as times passes on meaninglessly.

And a meaningless life is an old one.

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  1. Ethan - May 6, 2015 7:00 am

    You really do have a certain kind of enthusiasm always, Alden! Keep cutting to the chase, your posts are darn great.

    You are right about excuses. Excuses exist just to “entertain” us–as they’d pin us down to procrastinate. And they always become the bad guys because we’d later feel bad for doing nothing. It becomes a waste of time; instead of just accomplishing something right away, we avoid doing it in the meantime and do it later anyway. Also bonkers if you think about it.

    And yeah, I’m 30+.

    Thanks for the post!


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