Real Talk 20: 7 ways to stop being a little bitch so you can actually get the girl

1) When she rejects you, don’t complain and start badmouthing her

Time and time again I keep hearing from friends about how this girl is a fucking huge bitch because of some bizarre reason.

Regardless of how the story unfolds, the guy (or rather, the little boy bitch) is unhappy because he got rejected.

Stop doing this shit. Even if you feel cheated in some way, learn from it and just move on. Take that as your first lesson in dating.

Anything fucking goes. You can never truly tell what somebody is like when it comes to relationships, especially at the start. Learn to lower your expectations and just have fun. Move the fuck on and date the next better girl!

So stop being a little bitch! Badmouthing her would only reflect badly on you. Only little kids throw tantrums when they can’t get what they want.

2) Text her

What… are you afraid that your text will bother her or something?

That you’ll come across as desperate?

That the words you come up are lame or something?

So stop being a little bitch! Either text her or don’t. Fucking say hi and start a conversation. It’s okay.

3) Then stop over analzying your text messages

If you have to do that, then there’s no chemistry. Texting shouldn’t be a challenging task. Stop reading too much into it.

So stop being a little bitch! This ain’t some NLP shit. Just enjoy the conversation if you can.

4) Stop belittling yourself

You liking her doesn’t mean she’s better than you.

You liking her doesn’t mean you’re at a disadvantage.

You liking her doesn’t mean you need to compromise yourself.

So stop being a little bitch! Stop worshiping her. Like her all you like, but play it cool.

5) Talk to other girls!

Oh yes you fucking heard me.

So many dudes out there have it in their weak little minds that since they like one particular girl, they are not allowed to look around.

They think that they have to show that they’re “loyal” and worthy or some shit.

Bullshit! This girl you like? She ain’t even your girlfriend yet. You don’t owe her a thing! Stop trying to be her premature boyfriend who’s screwing everything up. You don’t even know what’s she doing in her life! She could be dating other dudes without you knowing at all.

So stop being a little bitch! Talk to other chicks. That’d effectively put your mind at ease. You’ll realize there’s a huge fucking world out there with different personalities and shit.

6) Stop thinking about love and all that nonsense

As said, you’re not her girlfriend, yet. Fuck that. Right now, you’re pretty much less than a friend to her.

Above all else, you need to know her better.

So stop being a little bitch! Don’t call it love. There’s a difference between love and obsession. Saying you’re in love and shit is just going to mess you up. Relax! Get to know her as an equal.

7) Fucking just ask her out already

Everything is useless if you don’t ask her out. It has to start there.

So stop being a little bitch! Gather your balls and ask her out.

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  1. Julio - January 19, 2017 1:50 am

    I don’t give a fuck as long I am happy

  2. Julio - January 19, 2017 1:54 am

    In addition to, I am a little bitch, but after I read this, I fell bad. How far you can go for just to get that pussy. Words from a lonely man who is seeking for affection.


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