7 things about Valentine’s Day that’s going through in your head (and you ought to admit it)

Here’s some more Valentine’s Day goodness for ya. It’s been a while since I wrote a list post that can be easily digested.

Warning: These are very real things. Not for the faint of heart.

Context: I don’t mean to be cynical about love and all, but I think Valentine’s Day is both good and overrated. I write this in hopes of spurring you guys on to live your truth.

1) “It’s better if my partner isn’t around for Valentine’s Day”

Care to admit this?

Cause you want to have some time alone and save that money. Admit it. It’s ok. Just admit it. Everyone wants a little break now and then, even if that means forgoing an annual event.

I know how this feels, considering I hate going for weddings.

2) “Woohoo! Her/His birthday is near Valentine’s Day!”

Yes! You get to kill two birds with one stone! That’s money and time saved in the bank. It’s even better if you guys’ anniversary is close by too.

Admit it! It’s okay! Everyone wants to save time and money!

3) “I got my bros/sisters even though I secretly feel lonely”

Honestly… It’s kind of sad to act as if you’re okay by spending time with your friends, lambasting the idea of Valentine’s Day when deep down, you want someone to be with.

I mean, it’s okay to spend time with friends, but not in that annoying, passive aggressive way where people can tell you’re lonely.

So just admit it. Then go put in the work to meet people. Open up in life bitch.

4) “Gosh, I could have done this much work/or that (other awesome thing)”

Face it! You’re thinking of the opportunity cost!

How much did it cost to get those flowers, chocolates and whatever? How much work could you have churn out for your personal project while you were out celebrating Valentine’s Day?

Honestly, if you thinking this way TOO MUCH, I suggest you re-evaluate the relationship. If you really love someone, you would jump for joy at the second of knowing you can spend more quality time with your partner.

5) “I hope he proposes”

Chocolates? Flowers? Dinner with champagne? Well… I really hope to see that diamond ring instead.

Admit it ladies, some of you are thinking about it.

6) “I want to end it”

The relationship is done. It’s time for a breakup.

But… damn it, Valentine’s Day is here. It’s cruel to break up. Of all days!

Admit it. You’re done with the relationship. It’s been too long. The spark is gone and it’s just not fun any more.

7) “I actually cheated long ago”

I don’t know about you guys, but I come from a culture where cheating is fairly common. At least, it’s very rampant amongst the people I know, young or old.

It’s disgusting honestly. No one should be cheated on, despite the fact that love has all its grey areas.

Be honest guys. Always be honest. Don’t think with your dicks and end up doing something you’d regret.

If you’ve already cheated, have yet to admit it and still in a relationship, I strongly suggest you try to come clean and on a whole, re-evaluate the relationship you are in.

I’ve had friends who cheated on my friends, and all my friendships were affected. I’ve also been cheated on before and I also cheated on an ex before. It’s not really cool.

Be honest guys. I hope this fun, lil’ post can help boost your honesty so that you can be happy.

And trust me, if you’re sincere about everything in life, including yourself, you’ll experience the life you’re truly meant to.

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Peace and happy upcoming Valentine’s Day!

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