7 motivational bloggers who don’t give stupid advice

I don’t normally do list posts compiling and promoting others’ work, but I thought this had to be done, especially for people who are in need of real help from real people.

Real bloggers, meaning they’re writers who hone their craft in the written word. Their blogs aren’t a directory of user-submitted content filled with typical top 10 whatevers. You can see how the words they use are art and not just there to support a blog.

Sadly, I’ve seen so many bloggers who got so good at what they do that their blogs are filled with shitty guest posts as they don’t have time to write themselves anymore. And they dare call themselves a writer.

Stupid advice, as in cliché, cheesy and expected things you read everywhere.

These writers have none of that. They turn normal insights into something more powerful as they add in their own vulnerability or back it up with solid research that aren’t delivered in a boring way.

If you aren’t down to read a whole book, then read one article from each of these bloggers. It will make a difference in you.

1) James Altucher of The Altucher Confidential


Almost every post this guy writes contain his flaws and the times he screwed up. I’m talking losing millions, getting divorced and alienating his friends.

Yet, it’s not sappy, masochistic or anything like that. His stories and messages are strong. His blog is the first one I always go to whenever I need inspiration.

You may also want to check out his articles at Thought Catalog.

2) Mark Manson of



Pure writing right here. Great, personal advice on relationships and current issues that make you think for the better.

If you’re a young adult who’s looking to relate to young writer, Mark is the guy for you.

3) Julien Smith of In Over Your Head


Unfortunately, his blog hasn’t been updated in a while. But still, if you want some no holds barred writing on life and work, this blog is for you. Be forewarned, there’s profanity inside.

4) Leo Babauta of Zen Habits


There’s a certain charm to Leo’s writing at Zen Habits. The consistency in his writing (3-4 posts a week) go hand in hand with the consistency of his advice. Reading his blog is a journey.

5) Oliver Emberton of


He doesn’t update much, but when he does, he gets thousands of shares.

Great advice that makes you think and has pretty graphics inside.

6) Tim Ferriss of 4 Hour Work Week


Because he only uses real life case studies of successful entrepreneurs, and he backs it up with meaningful commentary.

7) Dan Waldschmidt of



I just stumbled upon this guy’s blog and I was hooked. I remember searching about being treated unfairly and his article(s) on the topic were really good.

They’re personal, straight forward and extremely practical. Check it out. Perfect if you’re doing business yourself.

Know of any others? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. santosh - January 17, 2017 12:29 pm

    Professional bloggers won’t give any bad suggestion. Always inspire from him.


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