50 reasons why being too cool for school might not be such a BAD thing for you

School is for losers. Yeah that’s the cold, hard truth. Most people think it, but not many people say it.

If you think school is totally fucking cool, well good for you, but admit it, there’s really only so much coolness in school. School is after all, merely a phase in life, mostly during our younger years. That being said, is school cool?

This seems to always happen in school

No, because you have your whole life ahead of you. So it’s time to put down those books, tell your project group mates to fuck off and man the fuck up! I was from NUS and I was your true blue skipped-every-lecture guy. Also, I was a bouncer at Zouk. Too cool for school? Too fucking cool. I am very proud to say I did not attend a single freshmen orientation camp.

Here’s 50 reasons why being too cool for school might not be such a bad thing for you!

Social life

  • You ARE cool: When you are deemed too cool for school, it means you are automatically cool and your friends go like, “Haha he’s too cool for a school! What a guy!” If you aren’t cool, it means you are a useless bum who doesn’t study and sleeps all day.
  • Definitely not a nerd: Because you are cool, you aren’t a nerd, and nerds aren’t cool. Nerds only care about studying and have next to zero social life. Your friends wouldn’t see you as a geek!
  • The “Douchebag, but educated” factor: You may be skipping school a lot, but hey, you still qualify for the school right? That means to say you ARE educated and got a name (of a school) to your name. People will be like, “Man this guy is such a douchebag, but oh fuck he’s from (insert name of good school) I better take some of his shit seriously!”
  • Hence you can tell a good story and create a real first impression: When you meet people for the first time they would probably have some preconceived notions about you, most likely due to your too-cool-for-school looks and aura. So when you tell them you are actually from this really good school, they will be like, “Oh wow really?” and that’s the REAL shit they will remember.
  • You are going to have more fun for sure: While your friends are slogging away and waking up too early for school, you will be doing the real stuff you actually like. New movie? Be the first to watch it. Awesome party this weekend? Go for it! More happiness and joy compared to stress from school, I say that’s a pretty black and white comparison.
  • People recognize you: Being cool, you’d be recognized by people. Good or bad, it’s better than NOTHING. It’s better to walk around with charisma rather than be just another face in the crowd.
  • Earn some money: Get a part-time job and earn some extra cash. The feeling of drawing a real salary is awesome.
  • Then treat your friends with it: With the money you earned, you can be that guy who buys the round of drinks of everyone, and trust me, that gives a great feeling!
  • Or just be proud you are earning your own keep: While your friends are still taking allowances from their parents, you are earning your own money! Being independent isn’t just cool, it’s totally admirable. You can be like, “NAH man, I am like an adult I don’t want to be taking money from my parents! Also I am juggling work and school, beat that!”
  • Time for your own passion and interests: I think passion is extremely important in life. Since you aren’t wasting your time at school, you can pursue your passion with ease. It isn’t just having more time to do what you love, it’s about fulfilling a dream in life and filling up that void. When passion is persisted, there’s no such thing as “something is missing”. And what more of doing it at a young age! 
  • Get fit: While everyone else is studying their brains out in school, you can do one better and exercise! Get a 6pac, get fit and others will be in awe of you. School nerds would be either too scrawny or overweight due to too much studying and computer games.
  • Social circle expansion: Make more friends outside to expand your network. You would definitely more friends than some school nerd.

Street smarts

  • Learn your surroundings: Explore your surroundings OUTSIDE of school. Learn what goes where and how things or systems work. Who knows, you may stumble upon a super romantic secret spot and you can bring your hot date there and have some nice public sex (yes, you would be surprised how many secret spots there are in Singapore). You can’t learn any of this in school!
  • Learn how people behave: The world is frigging huge filled with billions of people and they aren’t going to be fitted in theories and exams. Go out and interact, be it through a job or just hanging out at a particular spot. You will be able to learn a lot about people first-hand, eyes-on and topped up with real experience. Something schools will never be able to teach you fully.
  • Hence you would know how to act in different situations: Sometimes you just have to play along and thread lightly with people. There are simply no absolutes in people and you can’t rely on textbooks to deal with them. E.g. you just got hired for a job as a waiter. Your seniors may hold the same position as you. Do you treat them with respect or don’t give a shit about seniority just because everyone’s a waiter? Answer: the former.
  • You will have a lower chance of offending people too: Nobody likes to be offended. And it’s worse when you are the one who did the damage, unknowingly at that. Don’t become that douchebag who says the wrong thing, like telling your girlfriends’ parents their 3-room apartment is kind of small when you meet them the first time. You may not have meant it, but people will always remember the bad stuff.
  • You learn not to be that person who shows off grades and their salaries: Believe it or not, a lot of people do that, and they don’t realize how stupid and douchey they sound.Bring up grades or your payslip, and there goes your reputation, or you can just attract a bunch of like-minded losers.
  • Learn how office politics work: When you enter the working world you are likely bound to get a taste of some office politics, whether you are directly involved or not.  Sadly, some people think it’s normal and unavoidable. Worse, some claim they try not to get involved, but they unwittingly do things that make them contribute to it all! Learn it young. School isn’t going to teach you how to deal with office politics the real way. Rise above all that shit.
  • Opening up your mind and don’t judge: As you meet different people all over, you can open up your mind and learn that some things aren’t actually what they seem to be. Smoking isn’t cool? Pre-marital sex is wrong? A gang-member is a bad person? Smoking is just a habit. Sex is arguably the best God-given thing ever. A gang-member, despite his association may have better manners than suit-wearing corporate assholes. Open up your mind and don’t judge, because there are a lot of things you need to learn yourself. If you STRICTLY follow what school teaches you, you are not doing yourself any favours. In fact, you are going to lose out.
  • It will go a long way: Street smarts provide real lessons in life and they are going to carry you far. Schools are going to make you learn a lot of shit and you are going to forget most of it once the exam is over. Need I say more?
  • Maturity boost: With everything you learned outside, you are definitely going to mature a lot faster than your peers. No, you don’t mature automatically with age. You mature by learning the right things in life. Not everyone deemed an adult is mature. Don’t become one of them cause it’s just sad.
  • Now, impress your friends with shit they don’t know: Teach them and impress them all the stuff you learnt outside. They will be like, “Wow! I wish I was as cool as you!”


  • Not stressed out from grades: Why bust your balls and feel totally fucked up just wondering if you are going to get an A? Being too cool for school, you can totally relax! Just like me, I never panicked once for a paper.
  • Tell the crappy professor to fuck off: Well not literally, but at least you don’t have to feel stressed from one single teacher or professor who is going to grade you hence become your world, or so it seems to some. I have met friends who bitched about their professors as if they were their boyfriends. Weird.
  • You aren’t your grades: You would realize you are your own person and a single grade, from a lame MCQ exam no less, isn’t going to judge your degree of competence. You can rise above all this shit and not be like most others who compare grades.
  • Realize that group projects aren’t going to teach you shit: So you wear a tie and a suit to present your project, emulating a real-life corporate presentation. You are totally ready for the working world! Right? Go eat a dick. Realistic people would get out there and gain some real-world experience where your teacher isn’t spoon feeding you.
  • The ability to achieve more: Even if you managed to graduate and get that awesome degree, it shouldn’t and doesn’t mean it limits you. Does your degree mean you got to absolutely find a job according to its field? No! Once you expose yourself to the world outside, you can and should do what you love and even make something even better out of it!
  • The balls to express yourself: School teaches you to learn a bunch of theories from some jackass and then write an essay based on the same idiot. If you are out in the world long enough, hopefully you would realize you are an extremely important person too, where you should express yourself in ways you always wanted. And with that, perhaps YOU can create theories for future generations to learn from.
  • Bother to apply for internship: Since I didn’t care about getting As or a bunch of theories I know I wouldn’t use next time, I voluntarily applied for an internship. In those 6 months I learnt more than my 3 years in school. With a mindset like that, you can learn more.
  • Learning different merits of success: Follow your school teachings and you would think a high-paying job, a suit, money, car and other shit are what makes you successful. Go ahead, and you would be a narrow-minded douchebag. If you expand your mind, you can learn of other awesome aspects, like making a viral YouTube video just for fun or having an awesome blog where people go up to you outside and say, “Hey! I really like!” Awwww shit blatant advertising! But true story 😉
  • Getting out of the matrix: Express yourself. Follow your passion. Grow balls. And you will achieve more than a mere 8 to 5 desk job with a salary. There’s more to life in life! 
  • Learn compassion for others outside: I find that school is very good in teaching us how to be competitive and separating us into different classes, pun intended. A good mindset is one which knows how to show compassion and help others.
  • Finding your passion: I talked about having time for your passion, but you got to find it first. School makes you study, not help you realize what you love. Get out there and find your passion and it will go a long way.
  • School is just a phase, you are not: To sum up this whole section, you have your whole life ahead of you, after school is done especially. It’s good to start thinking about it young.

Start a business

  • Start a business early: Start it early and you would have a head start in not just making money, but also in life
  • Learn the nuances: School doesn’t teach you the little things in life and business that ultimately matter.  When you start a business you would learn that everything isn’t really black or white or would work according to what you learnt in school. It would be real-world experience that would shape you and your business.
  • Learn failure: Life isn’t all rosy and super awesome all the time. You may think your business idea is fail-proof, but hey, guess what? There’s a chance it won’t work out. So when you do fail, you got to learn how to deal with it. Seriously, that straight-A nerd in school may not be able to even function in life properly!
  • Cease opportunity early: Face it, life is about luck sometimes. When you start a business early, you never know what kind of opportunities that arise; opportunities which you can’t find in school.
  • Make contacts: When you start a business you definitely need contacts. So when you start early, you can get to know a lot of people that can actually be a real asset to you for your entire life.

Real world knowledge that matters

  • Picking up girls: Go read up books and watch videos on picking up girls. School isn’t going teach you any of that. With so many chicks around you, you would be really too cool for school!
  • Meet successful people: Get out there and get a real taste of what success is! Learn from them. Reading about some famous dude in your textbook isn’t the same. Mentorship, you can’t beat that.
  • Go for courses: Attend a course of your choice. You can probably absorb a lot more from it compared to school. Besides, there are cooler courses out there, like a course on internet marketing or Photoshop.
  • Learn body language: You would be surprised how much this little thing can actually help you.
  • New-age stuff: Read up on Law of Attraction, affirmations, zen, how to meditate etc. They can actually help.

Other random shit

  • Not having to wake up early: Since you are smart enough to skip morning lectures, you get to sleep and lay in bed and basically not feel like shit in the morning.
  • Not getting stuck in fucked up peak hour traffic: Nuff said.
  • More energy: And with that you would definitely have more energy to do your own shit, rather than feel totally lethargic in school and nodding off in lectures.
  • Save money on textbooks: Too cool for school means being lazy, BUT resourceful. Save your money on textbooks and extra complementary garbage. Just borrow or Google! Use the money for yourself.
  • No crappy group mates to deal with: That’s because you are the crappy one LOL!
  • Least work in group project: Since you are the designated slacker, your nerdy group mates probably wouldn’t trust you with research or report writing or the presentation. That’s basically the whole project! Hence less work for you! Awesome!

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  1. Dino Nico - March 5, 2012 2:34 am

    Yea inspiring kids to not want to go to school good job asshole!

    • alden - March 5, 2012 7:19 am

      Haha err thanks

  2. Harry Sachs - September 10, 2013 7:25 am

    Lol fag, you’re the definition of douchebag, you am your stupid hat, too bad you can’t open your eyes to see it (;

    • alden - September 23, 2013 5:18 am

      “you am”? wut

  3. Gerry - August 12, 2014 4:13 pm

    Sachs has a problem, hope he gets it fixed!
    Actually, school has its pros and cons, ups and downs. I took ten years to get a Bachelor’s degree, and am glad I got it, and am very happy to say I have NO debts; no student loans, and one of the stupidest things anyone can do is to take out a student loan. Dumb, dumb, dumb. I worked all the way through school and it was very well worth it.
    A lot of the whole school thing depends on the school. If you are fortunate enough to get into a good school, great. If not, and you find you have enrolled in a school that is more trouble than it is worth, withdraw, get a job, do some traveling, do something, and figure out what you really wish to do. If you decide school is for you, fine; as Sherlock would say, Do your research! Also, figure out just why it is you wish to go to school. Maybe a tech school would be the right choice. Maybe you might want to work at various jobs in a variety of industries before deciding. Get some life experience before you go to school.
    Some of the most amazing people did not finish college. Some did. Some got degrees in subjects they never touched after school.
    Hey, it’s your life; You get to decide!

  4. zoha - March 15, 2015 7:43 am

    i dont like this blog …em kinda in love with this blog

  5. Julien Mériot - March 16, 2015 4:55 am

    Hey Alden,

    First, I don’t understand why people spend time reading an article and commenting just to insult you and what you wrote about… But you don’t seem to care so that’s pretty cool!

    Secondly, I’m 20 and I’ve been out of school since I graduated a year and a half ago but I’m going back to school in September. I live in France so it’s much easier and much, much cheaper than in the States (we pay around 300$ a year for college).
    At first, I liked the idea of not going to college and working instead but it gets old very quickly. When you’re 18, you can have a lot of trouble finding work and when you do, it’s a shitty job in a fast food restaurant or something like that. I travelled a little bit but being unable to hang out and see your friends, unable to meet new people, it’s hard to be a young adult out of school.

    I’m going back to school because I don’t want to be stuck in a shitty job like the ones I had for the last year. Of course, I’m not making it too easy for me though; I want to live in the U.S. and nowhere else so travelling and moving somewhere else instead of going back to school isn’t an option for me.

    Thanks for the article!

  6. Matt - June 7, 2015 1:06 am

    Mmmm…I agree with this up to a point. However, if you are passionate about a subject that requires technical knowledge and proficiency, school is probably the best thing for you…and graduate work in particular. I imagine, for example, that there are very few cosmologists and very few evolutionary biologists who wished they had never wasted time getting their PhD. The classes and experience gained in the course of having to actually contribute to the body of human knowledge for that distinction tend to be fairly applicable and profoundly formative for the rest of one’s life. Not to mention the PhD is essentially an absolute prerequisite for positions in doing relevant, ground-breaking research in those and similar fields (unless, of course, you possess uncanny and very specific technical prowess and genius).

    The advice of this article may be applicable to a certain segment of the population (maybe even the majority), but readers should ask themselves whether or not they are, or indeed if their interests will ultimately lead them to be, in that same majority.

    One would think that would be something one could judge outright, but in keeping with a recurring theme of this blog (that your “passion” is not something you necessarily know from the beginning), it might not be as obvious as that.

  7. Matt - June 7, 2015 1:13 am

    Perhaps I shouldn’t have limited “ground-breaking research” to “PhD” ‘s…let’s just say, “advanced graduate degrees”. You get the point.


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