3 years in the game: The 5 ways you evolve when you don’t give up

Zounds! Here it is. My blog revamp.

Go on. Just click on here to check out the new homepage. It covers everything which I am about. Go on. I’ll wait.

Done? What do you think?

This is like my third real revamp and I’m about to hit three years of blogging.

I don’t want to bore you with blogging details and shit, so let me just get down to how I’ve been sticking all the way despite all the struggles. I’ll explain how this blog will be changing too.

The 5 ways to evolve when you don’t give up

1) Focus intensely on the right things

I’ve not been blogging for the past month or so. Yet, I managed to make the most money I ever had in a few weeks as compared to the times I was writing and publishing profusely.

I was busy focusing on my list. I emailed everyday for the past month. I managed to find the perfect balance in writing stories and making money from them.

And that made me feel a lot better. I felt a ton of relief knowing that I got some income. This is way better than the times I kept focusing on about writing, design and other blog function things.

Evolve through focus: Focus intensely on the short term gains that’d allow you to actually survive. In most cases, it’s about money and there’s nothing wrong with that.

You cannot go long term if you can’t even get past your short terms.

I know a lot of new bloggers suffer from this. My advice would be to not worry so much about design, going viral and other long term bullshit first. Make a real plan already.

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2) Daring to be yourself, alone

In case you didn’t notice, by which I think you must be blind if you really didn’t, my big ass banner on the front page has my ultra long slogan

This slogan is both a play and mockery on the idea of having a niche. I learnt how important it is to start small with one topic and one type of audience, but that didn’t roll with me.

I felt that if I narrowed down too much, my writing would be hindered. So I was like, meh, fuck it. I went all out with the banner and slogan.

I think niches are silly when it comes to writing about life, which is what I’m passionate about.

Evolve through daring to be alone: A very common method of learning is to model yourself after who you look up to. You basically follow the big guys you like and then hope that success would come.

I honestly think it doesn’t work that way. That’s only doing the bare minimum, and when you do the bare minimum, you can’t even get minimum results.

I was always hunting for similar blogs that was like mine (young, good looking blogger, writes about life, personal stories etc), but I couldn’t find anyway. I could have decided that my course was wrong since I had nobody to validate it, but that was actually the crucial moment. I decided to go at it on my own.

So do it alone. Make decisions by yourself. You have to eventually.

3) Be bold, create something new and be original

I always had a thing to want to stand out with my blog. My tone in writing and use of profanity speak strongly for itself. But I always sought the safety of validation through others i.e. making sure others were also doing the same.

I got tired of that of course. I was also bored with the same olds out there.

In terms of bloggers out there who try to be different, you’ve your lifestyle designers, your badasses, your career renegades, your lazy marketers who make money by in their underwear, your cubicle escapees and other supposed non-conformist monikers.


As mentioned, validation can only go so far. Sooner or later, you’ve to go at it alone.

Evolve through sticking to what you believe in and fuck what others think: I think if there was a title for me, I’d be the asshole of personal development.

I’m all for self-improvement man, but the cheesiness we have in this space is overwhelming. Come on man. Who the fuck says “Thank God it’s Monday!”. Come on y’all. Seriously.

4) Let your ideas grow naturally, be open and take some chances

There’s going to be some changes in the shit you see here.

I want to balance out the serious articles with more light hearted ones. The way I see it, not everyone would be willing to read the heavy stuff. I get it. You guys have work and shit everyday. Your brain gets fried and you probably want to read some easy shit like quotes or see some funny ass pictures.

I previously wouldn’t have thought of the latter. I found them meaningless and I didn’t want people to read and just drop an “LOL”. But hey, the way I see it now, if it makes you laugh or just makes your day that much awesomer, then my job is done.

I’m going to experiment with more pictures, gifs and Instagram. I hereby give you permission to shoot me in the face if I post selfies excessively.

Evolve by opening up: Try new things already. You will never know for real unless you do it on your own.

5) Remember where you came from

This blog was started on grounds that I wanted to follow my dreams of being a writer, much of which was amplified by the fact that my dad passed away and I know for sure life is too short to do anything less.

Note though, I want to be a writer in my own terms. I’ve been sticking to that all the time. It has empowered me to go for what I want, though I probably missed a lot of opportunities along the way. There needs to be a balance for opening up and remembering your roots.

But the latter is extremely powerful.

Evolve by remembering: Because nobody else can take away your story from you. And it pretty much encapsulates everything above.

Stick around. I’m very grateful for those who have been with me all the way.

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