5 ways to actually “live everyday as if it’s your last day”

You know you always what people say, live everyday as if it’s your last day. Why? It’s supposedly the best way to REALLY live life, especially when you are young. You just never know what’s going to happen to you in your life. Worst case scenarios, tragedy befalls you, an accident occurs, you lose all your money and so forth and you end up not being able to live the life you want, but instead with regret.

But can you actually live as if everyday is your last? I don’t think so. If you knew you were gonna die tomorrow you probably would do a lot of extreme shit, like going crazy with your money or if you are an emo person you would just chill out and get depressed on the spot.

But, there can be certain ways in which you really live life to the fullest. Here are 7 ways I have tried:

1) Tell a loved one you love her, straight from your mouth.

Don’t delay do it today. Don’t fumble, mumble or awkwardly move about. Tell them straight for once. The more difficult it is, the more satisfaction, I guarantee.

2) Tell that asshole you hate to f**k off

Maybe you have some enemy or some annoying dickhead you have been tolerating for really long. You have been really polite and tolerant taking in all the insults under the guise that you are being, “civil” and that you don’t want to “seem” like the immature one to your friends. Well f**k all that. It ain’t worth all the anger and repression.  Just tell that person you can’t stand that you have had it, and it ain’t gonna come to pass anymore. Walk away. And feel good FOR yourself. If telling someone you love him or her would feel good, so can the telling someone you hate to f**k off.

*Note: I don’t mean to tell you to start a full-blown fight or anything like that. No violence aight? If you can’t control your temper don’t blame me.

3) Spoil yourself with something big

Retail therapy! Or should I say, retail ultimate outburst! Just go buy that one thing you have been eying for. Go nuts and spend for once. You deserve it.

4) Do something you never thought you would do

I don’t care if it’s daring yourself to pick up a girl on the streets or take up some sport you never cared for. As long as you try, it’s fine. This to me would provide that little adrenaline surge that would make you feel good.

Beautiful artwork. Life just goes by.

5) Do a good deed and make it awesome

A friend once told me that you can do all the things in the world, but nothing beats the joy and happiness of helping someone else and adding value to his or her life. I strongly believe in this too. Spread some joy and give love so others can lead a better life.

I think it’s really cliche when someone says we should live everyday as if it’s your last, but that’s not entirely possible.

Nah man, no normal person could live everyday as if it’s your last. We got lives, we got to pay bills, eat, take public transport, go to work and such. We can’t help it we have stress or anger right?

But there are always things in life you can do to make that every bit better. Routine is routine, but just try to break out of it sometimes. It will be good for you. We all die after all.


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