5 Real things we always take for granted for

I have just been woken up from a nice sleep thanks to the weather turning really hot suddenly and of course, god damn mosquitoes which decided to suck my blood non-stop. I was itching and scratching myself I soon found myself awake and pissed off.

It’s such a simple thing: I just wanted to sleep in peace right? But no, I guess sometimes in life, you just don’t get what you want. Then it inspired to write this post on the few real things in life that we always take for granted one way or another, and these are the things that are really important in life.

1) Working limbs and health

Have you taken a look at yourself lately? What do you see? Maybe you look like crap and feel a little down and out, but guess what? You got like two arms, two legs, a working body and they all fit together nicely for a good functional life.If anything, your brain is even working fine enough for you to think and read all this right now.

Can you IMAGINE a life without one of them? Without good arms, you can’t reach for stuff or eat properly. Without good legs, you are going to be burdened for life in a wheelchair. Without a good working body, somebody has to spoon feed you all your life.You want any of that? Certainly not. I am pretty sure even, let’s say you lose one part of your body, you would give anything in the world to have it back and that all the shit in your life otherwise “wouldn’t seem so bad after all”.

2) Shelter

Ever seen a homeless person just walking around aimlessly or sleeping on some park bench? I have. That’s the life of a homeless man. He begs, searches for food and a clean spot to sleep on. He doesn’t really get to bathe or have access to clean water so he kind of smells.

You ought to be thankful to have a roof over your head and a bed to sleep on late at night. Maybe you have had a bad day and all, but hey, a place to stay in is a place to stay in right?

3) Food and water

Food and water, basic shit in life. When you are hungry you just go out and buy something to eat and drink. So what’s a life of starvation and feeling deprived of basic, human needs? Probably feels like shit that’s what.

Some statistics:

1.4 billion people live without clean drinking water

Every eight seconds a child dies from drinking dirty water

I think it’s easy to take for granted these basic needs, especially when they hold so much importance in life. All else in life wouldn’t really matter when your own body’s needs can’t be fulfilled.

4) Good environment, no disasters

I live in Singapore my whole life and our country is like safe as shit. No earthquakes, no mudslides, no impending nuclear meltdown or random tornadoes.

I hate to think what life would be like having to walk out of my house and wonder what kind of shit I am breathing in. All it takes it just one single disaster, and your life, your home or your loved ones would be wiped out, just like that.

5) Family

A loving family is the foundation of a good life filled with love and positivity. It’s sad, but some people come from broken families, whether it’s abusive parents or divorced parents, things like that tend to fuck up the kids’ lives.

Sure, your friends seem way cooler and your career seems to be really important at that point in your life. As such, your family definitely isn’t at the top of your priority list. Hell, they may even be annoying to you, like your parents constantly nagging and putting all that pressure.

But end of the day, family is like the most important aspect of anyone’s life. So be happy that you have gone.

Maybe these 5 points aren’t exactly what we think about everyday. I am sure we don’t. That’s why I say they are somethings we take for granted. There are a lot of other shit we have to worry about in life, like money, career, relationships and getting a hot girl, but sometimes we need to get back down on earth and be happy with what you actually really have.

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