39 kinds of hardcore advice 20-somethings need to know

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Okay I’m jumping on the 20-something bandwagon so that I can dish out advice for all you young adults!

Haha I feel so disgusted, proud and most of all, mainstream about myself.

Who am I to start giving advice to you young ones out there? Fuck, I’m Alden Tan bitch.

I’ve graduated, work and been through so much shit that sometimes I can’t believe I’m still here.

As my own best friend told me before, “You were dealt a shorter hand in life”, but… I’m still here. Still happy and doing my own thing.

So shut the fuck up and listen to me.

1) College isn’t your ticket to a good life

Something I sort of fell for. My bachelors degree doesn’t give me high pay and an easy job. It didn’t either when I was actually employed.

By now you should have probably heard of graduates who well, just lead shitty and meaningless lives where they slog away at work and get nothing much done for themselves. I know a lot of my friends who are like that.

Scared now? Just keep this in mind while you’re studying that whatever module you have.

2) Actually, any kind of academic education isn’t a ticket to a good life

Whatever papers you got, hey don’t mean jack shit.

When you’re done with school you’re going to have to work hard as you face your own challenges.

Just because you got your papers doesn’t make you all high and mighty where you get to shit on others.

3) The only fucking way to love what you do in life is to hope you’re lucky enough to find the job you love.

4) Or create a business out of your passion

That way you can get paid to do what you love, but even then, there’s going to be a ton of challenges involved because business is tough as shit and it’s going to test the fuck out of you.

If anything, if you want to be an entrepreneur who follows your heart, you need to find the convergence of doing what you love and what people would pay for (cause if your passion is something inane like eating pizza in front of the TV or being pothead, no one’s going to care).

5) Otherwise you’re probably not going to like your job

Can’t do any of the above? Then too bad. Accept that shit and quit whining.

Or, you could just step it up and go back to (4)

6) Partying gets old

Thank God It’s Friday?!?

You may go home to turn in early because you’re too fucking tired in the first place!

Even if you do love to party and binge drink, it gets old. It’s tiring and expensive.

That kind of fun isn’t going to last forever man. Being a bro and going “WOOO!” non-stop? You’re going to grow up and realize only frat boys do that.

Taking pictures of yourself so that you can show off on social media? Turns meaningless pretty fast.

7) I hence suggest you find your passion

Fuck partying man. Partying is fun, but only because it’s the easiest way to have fun.

Get passion yo. Passion isn’t just some hobby or interest you do in your free time.

Passion is doing what you love and allowing that feeling of love take over. It’s like a fire from within that will never stop burning. It will burn away all the shitty stuff in this world and then, the world will make sense to you.

Think about it: Isn’t life all about being happy? There’s just way too much to think about in life. Get that grandest feeling of positivity in you, and you will lead a grand life.

8) People can be superficial as fuck

They’re going to judge the hell out of you and may even turn hostile based on their insecurities. This is highly evident in the clubbing/partying culture.

9) And people are drawn to money

Also very evident in clubs.

It’s just how it is. Money is important, and many people are chasing it.

This isn’t to say that everyone are superficial fucks who only respect rich people.

Even the non-superficial people have their weaknesses. You’ll see alright? When money is involved, people act differently.

Some friends may not notice it, but I actually stopped talking to them because of their ways with money.

10) You’re the average of the five people you hang out with

One of the best sayings out there.

Basically, whoever you surround yourself with? How you feel, how you act and who you eventually become, it’s largely based on who you’re constantly with.

It’s probably happening subconsciously already man.

11) So do yourself a favour and choose who you want to be with ACTIVELY

Stop hanging out with assholes.

Stop talking to people you don’t really care for.

Stop working a job where the boss is abusive.

It’s your effing choice on who you want to be with.

Get this part done, and you’ll soon realize how fucking improved your mood gets!!!!!!

12) You may get fat, tired and lazy

Because work and life gets in the way.

13) Fitness and health are both strong investments

Do it.

Don’t be lazy. Just fucking motivate yourself and do it.

You’ll look better. Your energy levels will be higher and you will feel great.

Life isn’t all about money and the job you work for that money. GET FIT BITCHES.

14) Shit happens in life

My own dad died when I was 20. My friend from the army died from a brain tumour in 2011.

It all just happened so fast. It was very surreal and will always be permanently etched in my minds.

I’m not trying to make you a cynical person who’s paranoid about everything, but I’m just saying, shit fucking happens.

15) You will never be fully ready for what’s to come and neither can all the preparation in the world alleviate the pain

Because, shit happens.

16) Lower and then eliminate expectations

You can however, lower your expectations in life for everything.

And I do mean fucking everything.

Slowly rid yourself of expectations. Be in the now and all that shit and just enjoy the moment. Whatever comes, will come.

17) Shit also happens in relationships

Uh oh… Is your best friend suddenly changing and doing all sorts of weird shit?

And that cute couple of high-school who seemed like they were going to be together forever just fucking broke up! What!!

People change man. You got to accept that. This ain’t high school or college any more. Once everyone starts working and starts thinking more of themselves, they’d change.

Your friends are going to change alright?

I have like 5 friends whom I don’t talk to any more, because they are now fucking losers. But falling out with them was a choice I made. That makes me happy and awesome.

18) Travel while you can

Because travelling exposes you to different cultures. And that’s how you open up in life and become cool.

Do it while you can before you get tied down and shit.

19) Don’t get into a relationship unless you’re 100% fucking sure you want to marry him or her

Okay, I know you feel like you’re falling in love and it’s making you happy and stuff. It’s easy to think that the correct thing to do is simply get together and then let time take its course, or whatever.

But letting time takes its course? Whatever happens, happens? Letting fate or god or some entity decide?!

Fuck that. Falling in love is an amazing thing and you’d want to be super sure who you want to spend the rest of your life with.

It’s extremely dangerous to be in a relationship where you constantly wonder if the grass is greener on the other side, all the while you fear letting go of what you have simply because of you’re comfortable.

Fuck that man. Love IS NOT comfort. I been through that kind of relationship before and I ended up hurting people. Lame of me. That being said, breakups are painful. Avoid them.

I can’t teach you how to to fall in love, but I can say for sure that you must be certain that you don’t give a fuck whether there are greener pastures out there.

I don’t any more. And I’m super happy.

20) “Likes” are not a currency

We live in an age where technology is making it super easy to communicate. That’s cool.

What’s not cool? Wasting your time on social media.

Push yourself and do something meaningful instead for fuck’s sake. Then you can take a real break to recharge because you know you deserve it.

Randomly surfing social media and posting shit up don’t count for nothing.

Find passion instead and make real relationships offline.

21) Push yourself to not compare with your friends

Cause you got to realize you have to lead your own awesome life that’d bring you to your perfect destination.

Comparing yourself would just waste your time and bring unwanted feelings of insecurity.

22) You got to see through bullshit

So how do you not compare? Look through all the bullshit and see people for what they are.

Someone has tons of money and buys large amounts of drinks at the club? He’s probably so insecure that he needs to money to feel good about himself.

Your friends are getting hitched while you’re still single? They may not be happy at all.

Don’t compare. Lead your own life.

23) People can be assholes

Don’t even bother finding out why.

24) Your super cool idea for business may not be liked by others

Entrepreneurship again!

I know, I know. You got some super cool idea and what the fuck! In this internet age you can simply outsource the work to others! Of course you’re going to succeed!

Doesn’t work that way homie.

Go learn how marketing works. Learn what makes up demand and why people would part their money for something.

That’s how you create a successful business.

25) Break some rules 

A life without any risk is just kind of lame.

26) Take up meditation

This isn’t some hocus pocus shit man.

I do some Kundalini yoga myself, and it has does wonders for my negativity thinking and anger issues.

Put in the effort and meditate regularly. You’ll see how your life will change.

27) It comes back to family

Because your family loves you.

Despite how much your parents may have been uncool to you while you were growing up, they did it all out of love.

You’ll realize this when you grow up.

28) Don’t be afraid to fall in love

I am bringing it back to relationships.

I said a mouthful above, but don’t be afraid to fall in love ok? You may be missing out on something great if you constantly hold back.

29) Don’t be afraid to break away from toxic relationships

Conversely, never fear to lead your own life away from others.

You’ll be doing yourself a huge favour. Dump the partner if they aren’t good for you. Dump the friendships that are dragging you down.

Like how you should surround yourself with only the good people, you’ll be surprised how freeing it can be once you learn to let go.

30) No one owes you a living

Get some shit done and make something of yourself. You have to do it on your own.

31) No one owns how you live

Get it?

32) Being passionate doesn’t mean you shouldn’t contribute back to society

Maybe you truly love art or something, I don’t know. And maybe you feel you’re selling out by conforming to society.

But that doesn’t mean you ought to not take action at all.

That’s not passion. That’s being a lazy bum.

And as strong as your beliefs may be, society will catch up to you. Do yourself a favour and make it easy for yourself.

Balance life with your art, passion and beliefs.

33) Read

Go to your library. It’s a whole new world.

34) You don’t have to feel older as the years go by

Before the big Three-O it may feel like you’re going to get old and “age is catching up”.

Nah fuck that. I’m now 28 and I still feel young as shit.

Why? Cause I’m a passionate Bboy who’s surrounded by like-minded, passionate people. The older people I know are cool dudes who have their own passions.

Age is just a fucking number. Don’t worry about that. Just get some passion yo!

35) Keep to yourself

Because everybody needs their own fucking space from time to time.

36) Get out of the house

Because staying at home all the time while surfing social media, watching TV or whatever can be depressing.

37) Believe in a better, wondrous and miraculous world the heart knows is possible

Start believing of a life outside of your working life.

Look beyond and open up. Believe in different and new possibilities.

Don’t dismiss new ideas just because your current surroundings put them down.

As it starts with your own beliefs, you can create your own world.

38) Excessive anger isn’t worth it

Being pissed with someone is like holding on to fire as you wait to throw that fire at them.

It’s pointless. Be happy instead and get some real shit done. You can accomplish so much more.

39) Never, ever give up

Cliché ideas work, and this is one of them.

I hope you young adults out there like it!

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