2014 publishing roundup: After the fear of falling


It’s about time I did a roundup of the articles I’ve published this year.

But take heed, not all articles will be published. Only the important ones after I stepped out of my zone of fear and terror will be published.

Namely, after the $1000/hr consultation I had with Ryan Holiday in the middle of this year.

At the start of the consultation, he took a look at my blog and was like, “Dude you’re writing the same shit as other bloggers out there.”

Which was true. I kept holding back for some unknown, weird reason where I thought others will judge me.

So I let go and started writing a lot more personal articles. I can’t say I go viral all the time now or hit the “internet lifestyle” where I earn six figures and whatever, but I definitely made a huge step.

Check it out. Here we go:

A $1000 wake-up call– Bitch whaaaaaaaaaat? A thousand fucking dollars for an hour of some dude’s time? It was worth it. It was an investment. I made that step. Do you dare to spend so much on yourself?

Everybody wants free shit today or massive discounts. But that is how you never recognize the real value of something even if it’s free, naked and standing under your nose.

The monster in all of us: Why good people want other good people to die– This is my attempt at talking about good people, who are in fact only normal people put on a facade to function in society, but are actually monsters deep down.

A tale of two dudes: 1 safe virgin, 1 sleazy fat ass– A story I wrote on how we see guys out there and how we depict happiness.

Hint: An upstanding citizen of a guy may, though pleasing everyone else, may not be as happy as the sleazy fat fuck. The latter is more honest.

I did the ALS Ice Bucket challenge for my late dad– My first video post of sorts. I did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge when the craze was still around. My dad died of ALS and I did it to educate people on the importance of the trend because I was a little miffed at people complaining it was only a mere trend for kiddy Instagrammers who wanted attention.

A shift in aggression: What we need to do to stop young dudes from being so pissed off– I’ve anger issues. There you go. This is what it feels like to be a guy who’s always pissed off and what we need to do to help guys all around.

Nearly 30 and still an angsty boy: Age… just a number?– Anger issues plus that I’m nearly 30 haha. Not really inspiring eh? Read on.

Why you need to avoid life coaches and their pretentious bullshit– This is my ultimate rant on the self-help industry, especially in the blogging side of things. Fuck life coaches. Fuck their universe-tapping and law of attraction.

You don’t need a life coach to carry your balls and hold your hands. You just need to get a life and yes, you can ask for help along the way from you know, friends and normal people who don’t think they’re too good for others.

Straight guy confession: Why I prefer to hang out with gay people sometimes– Sure do. I so prefer to hang out with gay people sometimes. Straight dudes can be a real turn off with their strongly misguided ideas on manliness.

This post was posted elsewhere on a gay dude’s blog. The comments there were very welcoming to me and I thought was pretty cool.

This shouldn’t be inspirational: Lessons from going broke with $33 in the bank– At my lowest point last year, I had $33 in the bank. In hindsight, there’re no lessons. I honestly didn’t know what the fuck I was doing with my life.

That said, there’re enough “inspirational” messages out there where they tell you going broke, getting cancer or having a near-death experience is the “best thing that ever happened.” I call bullshit on that. Read on to find out why.

I’m getting drunk to write something inspirational. And this is the result– I won’t lie. I did this for fun and I thought it would get a lot of traffic.

Although, when you’re intoxicated to the point of releasing your inhibitions, you can create a lot of shit.

21 lessons from being in a long-distance relationship (which people thought wouldn’t work out)– Putting me and my girlfriend out there. Scary shit! For real. Check it.

I watched my friend punch a little dude once. Some realizations on toughness and anger– As the title goes. It’s not as fun as you think it’d be.

Evolving as Alden Tan– Just a recap of how I’ve changed as a person since I started blogging.

A friend personally texted me that this post got him touched. That’s my job. Thanks for the reminder dude.

It’s way too fucking easy to be a loser– Sometimes, I don’t want to add personal stories in my posts. I just want to wake you the fuck up.

How the death of my dad turned me into an asshole– It’s true! Just ask the friends, nay, losers I don’t talk to anymore!

A week of mourning: 6 life lessons from watching a love on go (beer included)– My grandfather died recently. This is the compilation of emails I sent to my readers. Yes, I drank a lot of beer during the wake.

7 things I learnt from quitting Facebook– As part of my evolving and growing, I also quit Facebook. This is what I’ve learnt.

The Cringe– There’s a video of me throwing it down as a Bboy inside. Not something I’d do normally, but fuck it, I had to get out of the zone of fear. I’m so sexy in it just click on it already!

From elsewhere

6 things a S’porean guy learnt dating a Thai girl– This shit went crazily viral. I also happened to know back then some people posted the article on some forums here and people were just hating. I didn’t read any of that. I’m happy it gained the controversy it deserved.

There were also a lot of friends, and even family who personally texted me to commend me on the article. That’s my job.

Thought Catalog

I regularly contribute to Thought Catalog now. Here’s some of the good ones.

Should I try weed?– Yo, I’ve never smoked up, blazed or whatever you guys call it. Perhaps one day I’ll eat some of it (to maintain my non-smoking streak for life.) I was always intrigued by the idea of smoking up mostly because of the stereotype of smokers behind it.

When did it become ok to cheat? – Way too many people are indulging in infidelity. Sad.


What It’s Like To Date A Model Who Thinks She’s Better Than Anyone Else– Oh yes I did. Crazy ass experience.


7 Obvious Signs You’re Hanging With the Wrong Friends

9 Things You Seriously Need To Drop To Be Happy

That’s it for the year! Crazy!

I’m so happy for this year. Things seriously took a turn for the better. I don’t have $33 in the bank anymore. I’ve like 200% times of that bitch.

I’ll try to write more soon. I keep saying that. I know. But I’ll try!

Merry Xmas!

Please help me share this! I appreciate it!

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  1. otshepeng - December 23, 2014 11:54 am

    200% of $33 is $66 😛

    • alden - December 26, 2014 4:40 pm

      Ok I really wasn’t thinking when I wrote that. 3 million percent then.


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