2012: The world didn’t end, so start being yourself

Wassup bitches,

So 2011 is coming to an end. It’s already 31st December 2011. This is the part everybody laments, “Oh shit time flies I can’t believe the year is coming to an end!”.

And just for fun, people are like, “2012? World’s coming to a fucking end!”

But hey, let’s talk about the WORLD for a sec. Let’s talk about the fucking world instead because talking about making resolutions is cliche and also, I really don’t know who the fuck actually can stick to their resolutions.

So check this, this is the WORLD:

Everyone is special.

Everyone is unique .

Everybody is different.

Absorb that shit baby.

I say this: Fuck resolutions. Stop making them. Following them is a pain in the ass.

Read, peruse and analyze the little infographic above. You are but a super awesome, special human being, just by being yourself!

All you got to do is be born.

So stop worrying. Stop living by the expectations of others. If you don’t think you are special, somebody else out there definitely thinks so.

Start doing epic shit like writing a poem, a song, a blog post, a story. Sing a song. Play an instrument. Go out and run like you never done before. Do a good deed. Make people laugh with jokes you made up.

Whatever it is, you are special. It’s cliche, but true. Sadly, not everyone believes in that.

So yeah fuck resolutions. Just be brave enough to be yourself.

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