20 things that are so easy that they’re ultimate useless to you

  1. Being an angry hothead. Screaming like a baboon is easy. Breaking shit around the house is easy. Getting into a fight is easy. All of these only serve for self-destructive energy. Get rid of it. Take the hard path. Learn to stay calm. Walk away. Use your words. Master your anger.
  2. Being a dramatic crybaby. It’s way too easy to cry and start acting like a self-entitled brat. That’s what babies and kids do because they know their mom is there for them. You’re an adult now. Take control of yourself and stop being so damn dramatic.
  3. Gossiping relentlessly. What more, in groups. It’s easy to gossip and put someone down. It’s harder to be objective. It’s even harder to reflect and see if the subject in question bares similarities to you. Stop being so gossipy and mind your own business already! Focus on your own shit!
  4. Saying shit you don’t mean. Nuff said. You know it’s going to be accompanied with guilt and shame later. Try to stay calm and come back to it later with a cooler head. Things will be resolved faster and better.
  5. Escaping with drugs. Nuff said again. Be a man and find a kind of fun that is more productive and meaningful.
  6. Getting drunk. You look really ugly when you’re drunk and also become a burden to people who have to take care of you. Learn to control your drinking. That’s real class.
  7. Lying. It’s wrong. It’s deceitful. Man up and tell the truth.
  8. Cheating on your partner. It’s easy to cave in to temptations. It’s harder to go home.
  9. Coming up with excuses to why you cheated on your partner. I don’t know why people function this way, but it seems like infidelity is accepted in a lot of people nowadays. The excuses range from normal to bizarre. Whatever it is, it’s easy to come up with shit like that. It’s harder to come clean and want to make it work.
  10. Trolling on the internet like an asshole. Haters gonna hate right? The internet makes it so easy. But only lonely people do this. Get out there and expose yourself and do something real if you dare.
  11. Blaming others. And not yourself. Learn to accept responsibility and stop laying blame if you really want to improve your attitude.
  12. Eating junk food. You’re just going to feel fat and disgusting after that. Fight your cravings and eat something better!
  13. Concluding that you need help from someone all the time. Or maybe, you can learn to be resourceful instead and try to seek the solution yourself first.
  14. Resorting to fucking name calling. How about, not do that and instead keep with the topic at hand?
  15. Just giving up and concluding that there’s something wrong with you. If you want to be better, take up the hard path and aim to be better. Put in the work. Nobody said that it was easy.
  16. Blaming everything on your parents. They’re honestly trying their best to raise you. Take responsibility for your own life and what’s in front of you.
  17. Disappearing and not replying entirely. Just because the relationship is getting tough doesn’t mean you should ghost on that person. Be truthful, be upfront and let them know how you feel. Everybody deserves an answer.
  18. Not wanting to apologize. And then trying to hide the fact that you screwed up. Man up and say sorry. Make amends. Everyone will be better off this way.
  19. Procrastinating and putting shit off. It takes real motivation to get off your ass and do the work. Procrastinate all you like, but you’re only going to feel guilty and a half-hearted form of fun because you’d only be thinking of the work.
  20. Just being an asshole in general. How about learn how to nice and help others instead?

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1 comment

  1. Soham Amatya - July 20, 2016 1:56 am

    This list is so cool. I can relate to each one of them, except the drugs and alcohol part. (I’ve successfully given ’em up). And I’m proud about it.
    Rest is so true to ignore. I knew I was wasting my invaluable time and energy doing things I shouldn’t. Yet, it’s so hard to change.
    But big ups for the list Alden. It really helped me find my weaknesses.
    Keep posting cool stuff. They are such an inspiration!


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