20 success secrets you ought to know by now

That means to say, they aren’t really secrets.

But we tend to forget them. In fact, we know most of them deep down, but as human beings, we stumble when it comes to listening to our own advice.

Want success? Read, remember and apply action.

1) Start your day right. Make your bed yourself (very essential!). Get out of bed, don’t drag. Have a morning ritual. Get the little things done systematically. Don’t buzz about randomly.

2) Eliminate all distractions. No YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or whatever. When you’re doing work, hyper focus on that shit.

3) Hang out with positive people only. Your environment is a huge factor. No more toxic people now. They’re nothing but anchors.

4) Try. Fail. Pick yourself up. Fail again. Keep trying until you succeed. You can’t escape failure. It’s not the end too. It’s going to help you. Don’t fear failure.

5) Have an ‘abundance’ mindset. Stop focusing on what you lack. Don’t whine about it. Think about how instead there’s enough to go around in the world. It’s waiting for you.

6) Feel fucked up and do it anyway. That’s how you get over procrastination. That’s how you get shit done. Get over yourself and just do it. No excuses.

7) Eat well. Drink water. You can’t be successful if you’re always falling sick.

8) Exercise. As above. Go for a walk. That’s a great start.

9) Be confident in everything you do. You’re just learning, might as well be at your best at it.

10) Don’t give up. Clich√©, but had to be said. But you know what most people don’t talk about? It’s going to feel like shit when you actually have to decide to give up or not. Get over those feelings and keep going.

11) Sacrifice. There comes a point where you need to put aside what you want to do so you can do what you need to do.

12) Be passionate. For passion is the driving force, the fire that lights up your life all the way.

13) Keep grabbing opportunities and give them a try. Don’t ever think you aren’t ready. Don’t second guess yourself.

14) Start small. Take baby steps. And pretty soon, you’d have done many small things that counts for something huge.

15) Ask for help. You can’t do everything alone sometimes. People need help. People are willing to help. Minimize that learning curve.

16) Practice. That’s how you get better. Can’t escape practising man. It’s how much you want it.

17) Don’t aim to be perfect. It doesn’t exist. Just try your best. Be prolific instead.

18) Find out what works for you. And keep at it. You can try other things, but don’t be swayed by others to the point you get lost again.

19)¬† Remember that success is an individual thing. The way others succeed is not your way. Don’t compare. Succeed your own way and be proud of it.

20) Start already. All the planning, analyzing, studying and whatever are just that. Take action action already and start moving forward.

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  1. T.Irvine - June 10, 2016 7:24 am

    Thanks for the success secrets. Looking forward to more tips. Thanks.

  2. Emma de Mosha - June 11, 2016 5:44 am

    Thanx ver much I appreciate your help.

  3. Nyombi Tonnex - June 13, 2016 1:57 pm

    Thank you Mr Alden for these wisdom words. They are doing in me great work. Thank u dear


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