15 videos of soldiers’ homecoming that’d make your Xmas spirit explode

Oh man I fucking love Christmas.

There’s the lights, decorations, gifts and shit. The overall vibe of everyone feeling happy or pleasant at least definitely makes it awesome for everyone. I got like plans to hang out with family to eat, and then to a friend’s place to eat. That’s it. I couldn’t ask for more.

And that’s the whole point of Christmas: getting together with your fam, friends and feeling all the love and shit!

I’m not going to ramble on about how you should be giving and not receiving; how you should give to the poor or whatever.

I’ll let the following videos do the talking: 15 videos of soldiers’ homecoming that’d make your Xmas spirit explode

Explode with joy and happiness of course. Don’t explode by farting.

I think life gets in the way sometimes and we start missing the point. Love doesn’t come from the gifts, money or only appear during holidays. Some of us out there really just want to be with a loved one. Be happy if you already can.

Enjoy! Hugs all around. Cry all you like, don’t hold back.


Son dresses up as Santa. And for some reason Linkin Park can be heard.

Mom flips out lol.

Mom flips out with sister.

Mom shouts WTF lol! And Dad gets the hug last… 🙁

Wife flips out.

Grandma (I think) gives longest flip out ever then coughs. My favourite video.

Older brother surprises younger, disabled brother. Man, he was SO happy.

Marine surprises his three siblings.

Little girl finds her brother home. Sweet.

Family flips out at parade!

50 year-old mom gets surprise from son… but she does not look 50. She looks super hot. I’m just saying.

Family gets surprise at shopping mall. Mom runs!

Old, classic one. 3-year old girl loves her daddy.

Elaborate, staged surprise. Nice one.

And here’s a compilation of many others. Peace. Share and spread the love.

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