13 things you probably didn’t know about me


I decided to hammer out a post that’s about me and only me. Why? It’s to build relationships and shitz for my dear readers.

I don’t think this is any typical, diary-like post that’s based around my ego though. I think I relate to a lot of people. It’s my perspective that always clicks on a human level.

1) I’ve never smoked before in my entire life. 

This is a surprise to many as most of my close friends smoke. I even worked in a night club before where literally, everybody smoked. But I never caved in to try one. Apparently, I also look like a smoker, hence adding to that surprise.

When I was 10, I was offered my first cigarette by some older kid at the local playground. I hung out with him because I thought he was cool, but in hindsight, he was a hooligan who couldn’t keep up in school. I refused the stick, and I knew from then on I could say no for the rest of my life. And that was that.

2) I randomly inserted profane words when I started out writing in this blog

Because I thought I had to to stand out, but that only made all the articles unnatural and hard to read.

3) I can hold a grudge forever

I’ve fallen out with at least five friends since my dad died. It’s a really good thing. Sure, sure, holding a grudge isn’t advisable blah blah blah. But the way I see it, it’s just my way of eliminating toxic people from my life that easily.

Hence, when my friends try to advise me to “let it go” or “loosen up”, I automatically assume they’re idiots who cannot differentiate from right or wrong. Instead of going to the other party who has wronged me and urge them to man up and apologize, they waste their time on me. I think all of us need a lesson on facing not just your enemies, but the people you’ve wronged. I’ve done it.

4) I was the top student in my high school

I studied my ass off after doing badly for a major exam in grade school. Yep. I was the revolutionary young fuckup who turned his life around and got a college degree.

Everybody can study. You just need the right motivation. Please don’t ever label someone “stupid”.

5) I used to be a Christian

I attended church and shit. I was even in the prayer community. We prayed, a lot.

But I gave it all up when I realized life, people and concepts of good and evil couldn’t be fitted in a single book. If you ask me, we all just need to be respectful and be kind to one another. That’s it. You don’t need a god to teach you that, though it’s okay if you feel like you need one.

6) I’ve never gotten in a fight before, but I got sucker punched in the eye once

Long story short, the guy compensated me a couple of thousand bucks. And to this day, I hold no anger whatsoever towards him as he was extremely apologetic.

Fights are dumb. They don’t solve shit. Violence is for losers. Use your words and walk away.

7) I was an extremely late bloomer in the dating scene

My first real girlfriend came when I was 19. It took like another 5 years, 3 girlfriends and an enormous amount of rejection before I actually started to feel confident around girls.

This was a surprise to many friends as they think I’m good looking and got a “player” face. I literally had random dudes who I just made friends with start asking me shit like, “So how many girls have you slept with me?” and “Can you teach me how to pick up girls?”. Oh, how I wish back then.

8) I’ve never paid for sex

Advertising is like sex. Only losers pay for it.

I didn’t mind getting to know some working girls and their story though.

9) Sometimes, I honestly rather hang out with my gay friends

Because too much testosterone and lack of sensitivity in the room can be overwhelming.

And what’s that? You therefore think I’m gay too? Geez. Are you so choked up with a deluded sense of manliness that in this day and age you STILL crack this joke? My girlfriend is hotter than your (non-existent) girlfriend.

10) Sometimes, I wait until 6AM before going to sleep after seeing a horror show

Or some equally disturbing, creepy shit online.

Yeah. I’d admit it. Ghosts, monsters and shit freak me out. Don’t bother asking me to take some haunted tour for the sake of scaring my balls off.

11) I’m on long-term medication now

I’ve hyperthyroidism, the same thing Jet Li has.

And I was pretty upset for a while. I kept thinking, “I’m not even 30 and I’ve to take a pill everyday” and got paranoid that I may get something worse before 50 or something.

All good now though. Taking a pill everyday is no big. Take care of your health people. Everything else can wait.

12) I abhor weddings

To me, it’s an effective waste of time and money in one single night when I attend that shit. But what gets to me most is the newly weds’ sense of entitlement they feel they deserve just because they’re getting married.

I skipped like five weddings last year alone and I don’t give a fuck. Although really, it’s nothing personal.

13) When I was single and trying to date around, it was a continuous dilemma

I didn’t want to get into a relationship back then. I wanted to play around and have fun.

Yet, girls with zero substance don’t attract me at all, no matter how good looking they are.

Yet, when I’m drunk, anything fucking went.

Yet, while girls with substance attracted me, I had to block it off for fear of getting into a relationship.

Yet, that previous line can be full of shit, as sometimes I ended up falling for them while they didn’t like me back at all.

So now you all know. For every guy, or girl even who claims they’re playing the field, the story isn’t exactly woohoo yay single life for life and tequila shots! There’re many feelings involved.

For full details of everything in the form of stories, check out my book on Amazon.

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  1. Victoria - April 9, 2014 7:25 pm

    Great Post and I appreciate your honesty with yourself, it is something Big that is gone astray recently in our world of today. Thanks for being you, being real and sharing with us. I like the whole feel of your site by the way, it’s fresh!

  2. Bebe - April 9, 2014 9:23 pm

    Yeah Alden ROCKS! I like him. I like thinking of Singapore when I read his words. I don’t mind the swearing actually I like it…it means very, very…an emphasis. And quite difficult for a Singaporean to do that, so I applaud your freedom of speech. You show us how to not be scared, uh except movies and games comment, and yeah some of that stuff is fake scare goood!!!

  3. Vee - April 10, 2014 3:45 am

    Thanks Alden for sharing about yourself. The vibe I get from you, is that your a good guy who loves to write. I like that you straight talk shit. No dumbass bullshit talk. I appreciate that. Stay real and keep pushing forward.

    The path YOU take is the path YOU make!

  4. Wan - April 10, 2014 11:40 am

    “10) Sometimes, I wait until 6AM before going to sleep after seeing a horror show”

    Same with me, Alden.

    Although I know that it’s all in my imagination but the society I live in had injected too much ghost stories and it’s hard to undo it.

    Oh well, staying up late can be good sometimes.

  5. marni - April 10, 2014 11:51 pm

    Amen to #12 brother! People plan their weddings for a year sometimes just for one day! Unbelievable, and I am a girl, I’m supposed to love all that!

    • alden - April 11, 2014 9:06 pm

      Hahah annoyed much yeah?

  6. gerda - April 24, 2014 7:59 pm

    Hey Al, that u never smoked is a good thing. You`re right with not starting with it. It`s a filthy, stinking, expensive, bad habit(&addiction). And it`s very right what u wrote about religion : everybody should feel free! grtz gerda


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