12 Lessons About Life Learned From Bboying

Note: This is a guest post by Bboy Mauro, a fellow Bboy from Italty. He reached out to me about writing a guest post, and here it is!

Do you know that feeling of total freedom?

Many people try to reach that freedom in their entire life searching everywhere.

Well, that freedom is not so far from us.

I discovered it through bboying (or breaking or breakdance…it has many names!).

But it wasn’t only about freedom…it was much more…

The sound of music that seems to speak to your blood and make you move from inside.

The full power and control that you feel when you know how to use your body in the right way.

The freedom of dancing in the street where people walk.

Again, bboying wasn’t only about feelings…it was an amazing teacher!

Bboying gave me some of the best lessons in my life.

1) To Learn You Have to Make Mistakes

I tried a lots of steps in bboying.
Do you know how many of them I did right at first attempt?

All the moves I learned came from hundreds (and some of them thousands) of mistakes.
The nice part is that I was happy with that.
To me, it was obvious that I had to make mistakes to learn some steps.

Many people think that making a mistake is bad.
Hell no!
It’s the best thing you can do in your entire life.

Go and make a mistake, you’ll learn something.

2) Relevant Things Require Time

I spent one year trying one move and I didn’t learn it.
Alden talked about the time he spent learning a move too.
Spectacular moves require more time than not-so spectacular ones.

In life, remarkable things require lots of work and time.

Have you ever seen the pyramids?
They are astonishing!

Do you think that they were made in one day?
Of course not.

If you want to reach a remarkable goal, expect to put a lot of time in it.

3) When You Get It, It’s a Huge Pleasure

Every time I learned a move that cost me a lots of time, I was very happy.
I was really proud of myself!
When you try one step for three months and you get it, you feel fully satisfied.

The same applies to life.
When you work hard tho reach a goal and you get it, you feel one of the happiest people on the Heart!

If you think you much work to do, think that you’ll have a big pleasure when you reach your goal.

4) If You Try in the Same Way You’ll Fail in the Same Way

Once I wanted to learn one step so I started trying it.
The funny part was that I was trying it in a wrong way, but I insisted that I was right.

You can imagine the results 🙂

Not only I didn’t learn that move, but also I didn’t make one step forward in my learning process!

When I understood that I couldn’t make that steps in that way, I tried in a different way and I learned it.

When something fails in a certain way, it’s a good idea to change something.
Every failure is a feedback, listen to it.

5) There Will Always Be Someone Who Doesn’t Like You

When I was at my best, I was doing pretty good.
I was one of the best bboys in my city to make powermoves (the “acrobatic part” of breakdance).

But many people here, didn’t like me.
To tell the truth, the most of the bboys in my city didn’t like me.
They didn’t like my style because they came from a completely different school of thinking.

Do you think I changed my style to please those people?
No way.

I started dancing for me and kept dancing for me.
In my opinion (and in the opinion of my crew) I was doing a great job, so I was happy.

Doesn’t matter how amazing are the things you make, there will always be someone who won’t like you.
Keep doing what you love to do regardless of what other may think.

6) When You Really Want Something, No One and Nothing Can Stop You

I loved to try the hardest moves in bboying.
Unluckily, the hardest steps are also the most dangerous ones.

I got a huge number of inflammation of the tendons.
Nothing serious, but they are enough to stop a person from physical activities for a week.

I haven’t never token them seriously 🙂
Every time I got one of these injuries, I stop for 1-2 days and then I went to dance as usual.
If you are wondering…yes they hurt me, but I loved bboying to the point of enduring that pain.

When you REALLY want something you won’t let anyone and anything stops you.

7) Travel is an Essential Part of Life

Before I started to dance I didn’t travel a lot.

Thanks to bboying I had the chance to travel much more.
This made me re-discover the pleasure of a good travel.

Travelling it’s not only a pleasure, it’s a great life teacher.
Travelling gave me some wonderful and useful experiences.

It’s also very helpful to open your mind.

Take the time to travel, it will be some of the best used time in your life.

8) Many People Talk, Others Take Action

I met many bboys that talk too much about bboying and dance too less.
This is true not only in bboying but in all the fields.

Who do you want to be?

The one who talks and dreams about what he could do or the one who makes his dreams become reality?

Take action and build the life you want, now!

9) Habits are Essential to Succeed

One thing that allowed me to train more was the stretching.
Stretching, after a training, helps muscles to restore faster and better (so you avoid the muscular pain the day after).

I implemented the habit of stretching at the end of every training, even when I finished the training late.
I knew that it was important to stretch, so I couldn’t skip that.

In life is the same thing: there are some habits that are crucial to succeed.
Some other habits are bad and you need to delete them (like procrastination).

Start working on your habits.

10) You Can Go Wrong Even in Easy Things

There was one very important bboying match in which I took part with one of my friends.
The first round we was lucky to dance against some “weak” opponents.
I was sure of our victory.

Due to my confidence I danced using some easy steps: I wanted to save better steps for the next rounds.
Also, those steps were very safe, so I was sure of making them well.

Do you know what happened?

I fell two times while I was making some of the safest steps I could do.
Not one, two!

It happens: sometimes you can make mistakes even while making safety tasks.
We are human, it’s ok to make mistakes.

11) Ask for Help

One of the most beautiful aspects of bboying, in my opinion, is the learning process.
Bboys teach each other what they can do…for free!

Either you know another bboy or not, you can ask him to teach you one step and he’ll teach you.

Of course there are workshops and learning classes, where people pay to learn.
But in the street, everyone teach to everyone for free.

In life not everyone will help you, but the beauty part is that you can ask for help and someone will help you.

And stop thinking that you can reach the success alone, it’s a myth.

12) Have Fun

This is perhaps the most important lesson.

When you dance you have fun.
This should be true also in life: when you live you have fun.

Try to have fun, life is one and you can’t waste your time to bore yourself all the day.

Your Time

Now I’d like to hear your opinion.
Do you have one lesson that comes from one of your experiences that you want to share with us?
I know that your experience is valuable, don’t be shy 😉

Mauro D’Andrea (@MauroDAnd) is the founder of Blog Growth, the fresh blog that speaks about internet marketing in the complete way. Take his free guide Increase Your Conversions and start earning more to improve your lifestyle. 

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  1. John - October 29, 2012 5:13 pm

    “If You Try in the Same Way You’ll Fail in the Same Way”

    I couldn’t agree more. Before learning this lesson there were times I’d try harder but with the same strategy. I should have focused my attention on modifying or competely overhauling my strategy and only then would the results be different. We live we learn though right?

    • Mauro D'Andrea - October 29, 2012 7:43 pm

      Hi John, you are right.
      Someone should teach these things at the beginning of our lives.

    • alden - October 30, 2012 6:09 am

      It’s an awesome rendition of, “Work smart!” I love it.

      Sometimes, you definitely have to find out what works for yourself more than anything.

      • Mauro D'Andrea - October 30, 2012 1:50 pm

        Thanks Alden 😉

        Exactly, every person is different and needs a different approach to learning.

  2. Tania Belkin - October 31, 2012 1:27 am

    I am glad that you added asking for help and having fun. These two speak to me the most. I believe that we all can learn to do a bit more of that.

    • alden - October 31, 2012 7:01 am

      I agree Tania. That’s all to it right? Just have fun. There’s really nothing else to do in life, but just have fun.

    • Mauro D'Andrea - October 31, 2012 1:29 pm

      Hi Tania, these are often forgotten aspects of life, but they are really important.
      Especially having fun: you want to put time and energies in what is fun for you.

  3. Aditya - November 7, 2012 7:37 pm

    This post couldn’t have come at a better time. I’m learning the guitar and I get frustrated when I learn songs with difficult chords. Barre chords?!!! Ugggh. I guess I have to apply your lessons and practice harder and in a better way. I think I’m failing because I’m not trying any new ways.

    Anyway thanks for those awesome tips! Tweeted! 😀


    • Mauro D'Andrea - November 10, 2012 3:42 pm

      Hi Aditya, I’m glad you find it helpful.
      Learing take time and experience, keep going and you’ll learn all of the thing that you want to learn 😉

      Thank you for the tweet!


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