12 deep observations of life I made from 32 years of my life

From my Quora answer here.

1) A person is usually amazing. That’s why you guys end up being close friends.

2) But people, when banded together are more prone to acting like hostile idiots due to fear, insecurity and plain immaturity. That’s why your friends act differently in large groups.

3) You may spew forth, “I don’t care what others think! That’s the way to live!”But truly, to a certain extent, you do care. And it is a must for you should respect others and also know your boundaries.

4) The worst kind of person are the ones who act all nice, religious, positive and law-abiding on the outside, but harbor a ton of dark secrets that actually denote how bad they are.

5) And the the ones who don’t seem ‘good’ on the outside are actually the best.

6) Love is just a free-flowing energy that comes and goes as it pleases. Don’t be too hurt when it decides to leave any second without warning. Don’t be too surprised when it falls on your lap either. Just be happy that you get to be with it, if only just for a moment. Also, all breakups hurt, but you’ll be fine.

7) Infidelity is a phenomenon today so much so that good people cheat and it is extremely common. Perhaps it’s time, when facing it, to reflect on your character rather than issuing death sentences throughout.

8) Death changes your perspective on everything in life. Suddenly, everything seems so minor and silly. This will happen when someone close to you dies. You’ll know for sure then we all reach the same destination.

9) Money will always be a problem as long you let it be one.

10) Happiness isn’t a choice sometimes. Tell that to a starving kid in a Africa. That kid is not going to apply the law of attraction.

11) You can both love and hate someone at the same time and that doesn’t make you a bad person.

12) Everything happens for a reason and sometimes, that reason is that you are not supposed to know the reason.

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  1. KG - October 12, 2017 4:41 pm

    Definitely insights that made me ponder. Thanks!

  2. Victor Winners - October 23, 2017 4:49 pm

    You’re absolutely right Tan. And i can’t agree less especially with the fact that everything happens for a reason… And indeed sometimes the reasons are things we’re not supposed to know anyway. Thanks for keeping your unique writing style. It makes me come back here, again and again.


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