104-year old man ran marathon and did other awesome shit

This man, Buster Martin was just fucking awesome. He lived a fruitful life that lasted 104 years and achieved many awesome shit. I have nothing but profound respect for him. I don’t even have the motivation to run a marathon!

So why was he fucking awesome?

. Ran the London Marathon at 101 years old. That’s fucking more than 26 miles!

. Was in a rock band named The Zimmers,which scored a single hit

. Had 17 children

. When he was 100, he fought off 3 muggers

“They obviously thought I would be an easy touch because I’m old. But they soon found out I’m still a good fighter,” he said. “I hit one in the groin and I kicked another one. The foot I used had been operated on a week before for an in-growing toenail. They must have done a good job on it because it worked bloody well.”

AWW yeah! And guess what? He loves beer.

Here’s a clip of him taking a beer stop DURING a marathon.

Buster Martin, you are truly an inspiration. Nothing seemed to phase you and you definitely lived life to the fullest.

I hope in some way myself that when I am like super old and shit I still get to Bboy and do the shit I love. And thanks to Buster Martin I am going to grab a beer now, at 4am. And like him, I am going to pour that shit in a mug! AWW YEAH!


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  1. Conner Hillman - June 22, 2012 11:50 am

    Where do you find these people man now that truly is a legend right there <3

    • alden - June 23, 2012 6:02 am

      I just stumble upon them somehow surfing around.


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