100 Things Happy People Don’t Give a Fuck About



Are you sick of stupid self-help books that make absolutely no sense? 

You know, those books where the author talks too much about their own lives, tells you cliché shit like “don’t give up” (as if it’s so damn easy) and gives you cheesy ideas to shift your paradigm, universe or whatever?!

Screw those books. This is the only book you need. 

100 Things Happy People Don’t Give a Fuck About is going to change your life by making you happiest person ever. And you get the other good stuff too, like, you know, confidence, better self-esteem, getting over your fears etc…

Why the importance of not giving a fuck in life? Here’s a little story:

Hi, my name is Alden Tan.

And when I was 20, my dad died. He suffered from ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral sclerosis) for a couple of years and finally let go after that.

Now here’s the thing. I was an extremely angry person BEFORE my dad died. You would think it’s the opposite, but nah.

You see, before it all happened, I always did the “right” things in life. I’d never talk back to people. I’d walk away from fights, ones which I didn’t start. I’d always give in to people to avoid trouble. I also avoided confrontations.

But all the right things in life guaranteed me going home pissed with myself. I’d be furious thinking that my wrongdoers got away with it. It’s like they won you know?

And then suddenly, just like that, my dad died.

I literally asked myself, “Why am I always so unhappy? Why so angry? Why is it I never watched out for myself? Why was I giving a fuck about the wrong things?”

It was a life-changing experience.

Today, I’m 28 years old and I do what I love only. I write at my own blog and conduct my own biz. I’m a Bboy who dances all he likes. And get this, since my dad died, I’ve fallen out with at least five friends because I realized how toxic they were.

I’m very happy to have let go of the unnecessary in life.

And you don’t have to go through the same shit I did to realize you’re allowed to experience this happiness.


Going only at $14.99 now!

It is as the book title states: 100 Things Happy People Don’t Give a Fuck About.

WAY too many of us are very unhappy today because we care too much about the wrong things in life. We also have the wrong outlook on certain things. You’d be surprised how many things in life are actually holding you down. 

It’s time to change that. It’s time to shed the crap. It’s time to stop giving a fuck and be happy.

And I lay it out all nice and clean for ya. Being happy doesn’t have be hard.

The benefits you get from reading this book:

– I’m reluctant to say “instant happiness”, but yes, instant happiness. This is a straight-forward book to give you just that. You won’t have to rack your brain with cheesy, new-agey, “woo woo” nonsense here.

– Exactly the insights you need to wake up and realize how happy you’re allowed to be.

– What to do and how to deal with sticky situations. Yes, I give great examples you can relate to  in this book.

– Major inspiration and confidence-boosting from stories and quotes.

– The real secret to why happiness can be easily attained.

– Be inspired to knock out your fears.

– Have the courage to stop dealing with negative folks or toxic relationships. Get rid of those crappy boyfriends or girlfriends!

– Just a whole lot of laughs and fun!

Buy me then. It’s only $14.99

I offer an iron-clad two-month money back guarantee. If for any reason you feel like you want a refund, let me know, and I’ll pass you back your money, no questions asked.


Testimonials showing the love for 100 Things!

“Alden Tan has one of the freshest new voices in self improvement. His insightful, no BS approach are alive and well in his new book – which I find to be both thought provoking and totally compelling. Highly recommend.”

-Erin Falconer


“I love this book! Why? Because it’s gritty, real, no-nonsense, practical and provides not only ideas to consider but actionable steps to go with those ideas to move you forward. Alden has a true gift for expressing himself from the heart, with vulnerability, humor and just a teeny tiny little bit of cursing. Ha ha! I love his use of cursing the most!”

– Lily Jensen
Master Life Coach, Money Reiki Master


“This is one unique self-help book! I was blown away with its eye-opening content and also laughing away at its humour. Alden is one expressive and funny writer! As he said, being happy doesn’t have to be complicated. Read this, and I guarantee that you’d have a bunch of takeaways.”

– Isabel Nicole

“Albert Schweitzer once said that “success is not the key to happiness, happiness is the key to success,” and with Alden Tan’s easy to digest guide, 100 Things Happy People Don’t Give a Fuck About, you can learn to stop caring about the wrong things and start being happy. If you like your advice straight and to the point, this is the guide for you. Great work Alden!”

– Cam Adair

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