This message is for no-bullshitters ONLY! A cool book for people who want a fun read that makes them feel better about their shitty lives.

It is what it is: 100 things, people who are happy don’t give a fuck about.

I didn’t write this book to make it into some pretentious one filled with dumb instructions.

It’s 100 things. That’s it. Read it. Feel better. And it’s super cheap.



Here’s what some people had to say about 100 Days of No-Bullshit Happiness and my writing


“I just want you to know that your book has helped me so much. Thanks a lot, from the bottom of my heart. It gave me the “zing” to step back into life. That’s pretty amazing. Thanks again.”



“This is good. Thank you! Love and respect! I hope you realize how good you make others like me feel. Man, you’re gifted. Are you sure you’re not a psychic?! Feels like it!”

-Elaine Brown


“You, Alden are the Bomb! You make me smile Thank you so much for sharing so much of yourself and making the world a better place. Much gratitude and respect to you!”

– Sheryl


“You have a UNIQUE and IMPACTFUL, yet FUN TO READ style of writing. I love how you share your life with us!”

– Linda


“100 days is THE perfect guide book! It isn’t your typical top100 book where you read in an air plane. There’s a lot of actionable takeaways to inspire you with!”

– Lydia


“I wrote ‘TREASURE’ at top of the outside page of your book because it sure as hell is treasure.’

– Palesa


“Your book has helped me through some tough shit this year and helped me keep my chin up. It also has helped me see things more clearly. Thanks.”

– Craig


Free bonus 1- Worth $27




The 100 Days Official Accountability Workbook.

Need a companion to track your progress in changing your life for the better? I made this for you.

Set your own personal goals so you can start aiming higher in life.

Check your daily progress so you won’t be lost.

Thorough questions to think and write about. I inserted a lot of questions to force yourself to reflect and see where you can change for the better.



Free Bonus 2- worth $97

Personal access to me with your questions.

You can ask me any questions you want about personal development and improving your life.

I’ll get back to you personally and give you a 3rd-party perspective specifically geared to your situation. There’re limits to this though, because well, my time isn’t free. I can’t be your chat buddy.

Nobody gets this kind of treatment from me except for a tiny group of friends. But you’ll get this personal access if you purchase 100 Days.




If you go through the entire 100 Days of No-bullshit Happiness, and if you don’t think that this is for you for whatever reason you’re not satisfied, you can get a 100% no-questions refund.


So that’s it! 

$10, for all this good shit. Just go for it.




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