10 things to tell yourself when you feel super sad and depressed

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Depressed is a strong word. I cannot even begin to fully imagine the pain a depressed person goes through.

But I write this now in hopes of helping my readers. I get a lot of emails from people telling me they’re depressed and shit.

I’ve never been depressed, but perhaps I can show you the lighter and more confident side of life. A strong list for strong words.

1) “It will be fine.”

Because… really, it will. There’s nothing more to say here. Please remember that it’ll be fine. This ultimately eventuality exists.

We’re only human, and that’s why it’ll be fine. It doesn’t make sense that we’re put here to be sad and shit.

2) “It gets better.”

Because… really, it’s true too. Growth is accelerating.

3) “I should get out of the house.”

Life happens out there. Staying home too much just doesn’t cut it. Don’t even think about it. Just get out there. There’s like an automatic feel-good effect when you get out there.

4) “I ain’t the only one.”

Whatever it is you’re feeling and going through right now, it’s both safe AND smart to assume that someone else out there has gone through it. And if they can get over it, so can you.

5) “Life is too short to feel like shit.”

Cliché. Life is short.

That means to say, you’re going to die anyway. Like everyone else. Might as well be happy.

6) “I’m a smart person.”

I think a lot of sadness derives from the idea that you think you’re a dumb ass who brought it upon yourself. And then you feel hopeless, thinking that you’re not capable of being better.

Bullshit. You’re not stupid. You’re smart. You’re just feeling a little down that’s all. Both you and I know you have what it takes to be better. Use those smarts and start acting on it.

Whoever tells you otherwise? Tell them to fuck off. They don’t deserve to be in your life. They’re toxic.

7) “I’ve friends and family.”

In extension of the idea that you aren’t the only one, you’ve friends and family. Not only have they gone through the same shit as you, they’re there for you. Period.

Yep. You’ve a TON of support to turn to. Don’t ever feel like you can’t ask for help, because you can. Heck, it’s the sensible thing to do.

8) “Time to stop feeling like this.”

Okay, this is easier said than done, but the idea is that it has to be fucking done.

It’s the snap decision, a make-or-break one that you need to make. I believe that it comes in a “snap”, an instant moment. You’ve to make that choice to decide to be better.

Because trust me, you will make it eventually. The only variable is how long you want to take to make it. Or to put it rather, it’s how long you want it to be before you’re tired of all the sadness and despair.

And yes, even if it feels like you’re faking it (till you make it), you’re doing great things for yourself. You’ve stopped that train of negative thoughts and cut the path of crap.

9) “Worry, guilt and regret are useless.”

Nothing more to say here. They’re just useless. Even your dustbin has more use.

10) “I’m allowed to cry.”

What’s this? A no-brainer? You bet your ass it is.

I think a lot of people are super sad, negative and shit because they don’t even allow themselves to express that sadness. They want to put on a front, for fear of being ridiculed for being “emo” or whatever. They don’t even cry when they’re alone, thinking that crying is for “sissies”.

Heck man, if you think professional therapy can even help, then just go for it. Whoever stigmatizes you for that can go fuck themselves.

Man, how can you ever move on when you don’t even express that sadness? How can you even move on when all that negativity is still inside of you?

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  1. Fiore Mejia - March 20, 2014 6:56 pm

    Great advice. Some of it is easier said than done but it’s all around good advice. I will try to be more proactive towards my own happiness. Thanks Alden.

  2. sebastian - March 23, 2014 12:11 pm

    A Couple of years ago I was depressed and it was my own fault. I was working and sleeping. No gym. No challenge. No purpose.

    Beating my depression was simple: I removed everything negative out of my life (music/people/literature), created myself a purpose, changed my diet, and started to challenge my body every single day.

    I have never been depressed again.

  3. Julie - April 2, 2014 6:13 pm

    Thank you Sebastian-
    I helps to hear you say that- just need something real.


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