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Heaven is a clickbait media company

You died. And you made it! You got to heaven. How did you die? It doesn’t matter. You made it. It’s all good now. So, let me give you the rundown. You’re only human after all. Let me tell it to you in terms you can understand, though I think[…]

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How is it some people become super successful and rich from doing what they love and feel like it’s not work at all?!

Originally here from Steemit. You know, this always frustrated the hell out of me. You know how some, if not most successful people out there today always say shit like: “I most certainly did not expect this to turn into a business! It just happened!” “I didn’t expect the article/video[…]

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Why “Be yourself” is shit advice

Because if you feel like you’re a loser, then being yourself just means being a loser and that’s not cool. Because if you think that you suck, then being yourself means sucking even more. Because a lot of people who dish out this advice are already successful in life and[…]

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