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two angels and a cult

Two angels and a cult

As I wrote this little piece, I had no idea on how I could end it. Along the way, I started to envision it in an episodic format. As such, you could say this one of many chapters to come. “Uriel, can you stop fucking playing with that stupid device?!”[…]

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3 Wishes

It was Sally who attained the lamp. Nobody really knew how she got her hands on it. Legend has it that she simply stumbled upon it while out playing in the woods behind her house. It was so simple. Nobody really knew what came out of the lamp when she rubbed[…]

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The artist is not the scientist

For a long, long while after the inception of this blog, I was pretty occupied, or obsessed even with wanting to learn how to make money online. I was also trying to learn how to blog and write to gain a certain, tangible result, like you know, traffic, going viral,[…]

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Just fuck it

Fuck it. Just fuck it. I asked for a girl’s number at a club once. She just shook her head at me. Whatever. Fuck it. I walked away. I’ll get to know other girls. My first ever girlfriend didn’t allow me to have sex with her because of God and[…]

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Give a fuck about something

Give a fuck about something. Give a fuck about something meaningful, something that actually helps others so they can actually feel like this world isn’t that bad. Give a fuck about fun, so you can have fun. When was the last time you had fun? You know you’re allowed to[…]

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