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The Epic And Awesome Guide To Writing Blog Articles Like A True Artist That People Want To Read And Share!

Originally from Medium. Pardon me for the click-baity headline, but truly, it was made to catch your attention. Haha. I feel so proud and disgusted with myself at the same time. Well, now that I’ve gotten your attention: This is indeed an epic and awesome guide to writing blog articles[…]

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Karma is bullshit

Recently I read about this lady from China who died from thirst and starvation as she was trapped in a lift. Apparently, the maintenance people didn’t bother to check if anyone was inside before deactivating everything and leaving for their Chinese New Year holidays. It was also reported that there[…]

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Why We Feel Bad

I’ve a bunch of anger issues. You can read all about it here. Many have been the hours I spend wishing that I can get back at my wrongdoers. But I never get to do that in person. In fact, I mostly end up feeling bad. I’d feel bad for[…]

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