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I am now writing on Steemit!

So… straight up: Steemit is a new social network that’s kind of revolutionary. The creators wanted something beyond Facebook and the like(s.) Why? Because it’s like controlled by the big banks and major shareholders and shit. They wanted something more free. So bam, Steemit. I am not affiliated with Steemit[…]

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Smooth and flow

Bruce Lee said, “Be water, my friend.” Perhaps though, if you want, you can be more than water. Be whiskey, dancing in a rock glass. Be beer, cascading down from the tap into a glass. Be a girl’s sexy leg, turning eyes wherever she goes. Be music, soothing people’s troubled[…]

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An open letter to my late dad

(With beers we could have had.) This is a simple letter I felt like writing to my late dad. I feel like I’ve been writing contrived pieces just to please others, but today I write for myself. So here we go: Hey Pa, You died of ALS 10 years ago.[…]

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BeFunky Collage bitch face

My bitch face

This is my bitch face. And for the life of me, nobody really liked it, not on first impression at least. But yeah, I have had this ‘bitch’ face my whole life. Many were the times I was told by friends whom I am close to today, “Alden, the first[…]

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two angels and a cult

Two angels and a cult

As I wrote this little piece, I had no idea on how I could end it. Along the way, I started to envision it in an episodic format. As such, you could say this one of many chapters to come. “Uriel, can you stop fucking playing with that stupid device?!”[…]

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